Ati Williams


Ati is one of those women who radiates positivity. She’s a TV personality, a real estate entrepreneur, a designer and a mom – and in every room she’s always the same effervescent Ati. To keep her full life organized, she does admit that she has a few tricks. For example, she only wears dresses. Period. (She only has two pairs of pants and they’re for yoga.) So, you can imagine, she has dresses for everything – cotton midis for running after her toddler and ruffled sheaths for client meetings. That’s why we decided to put her in 7 new ELOQUII dress styles that are just as vibrant as she is. Read on for the full story. - Jodi



HGTV “DC Flippers” host Ati Williams paints a pretty picture of how every dress and every space should make you feel delight – even our conference room.


Being a renovation ninja isn’t for the wary. It’s for renegades who see the potential for beauty everywhere and who don’t shy away from a challenge. Enter one of these bold thinkers – and equally bold dressers – Ati Williams.

Known for punchy colors, this real estate entrepreneur/designer/TV host describes her personal style as anything but subtle. Her current obsession? Chartreuse. Like most great things in life these days, Ati discovered ELOQUII when someone she followed on Instagram wore it. Her first buy was a red shirt dress with a black/white bib – but, she confesses, she got grout on it in a DIY experiment. She loved the collection’s vibrant colors and we loved her blunt style philosophy.

“Only buy things that delight you and spark joy. It’s a teaching from simplicity guru Marie Kondo,” Ati adds.


“Only buy things that delight you and spark joy. It’s a teaching from simplicity guru Marie Kondo,” Ati adds. “There’s too much emphasis on good taste versus how things make you feel. I want to feel good every day and show up as my best self.”



This keen aesthetic sense and her real estate savvy honed over a decade made her the perfect choice as one part of HGTV’s “DC Flippers” TV duo. Her husband Rob is the other half of the operation, where they strategically turn homes in DC into coveted listings.

So, who better to upgrade the look of ELOQUII’s conference room?

Ati traveled from her home in Mount Pleasant, DC to our showroom in Long Island City, NY. She was immediately inspired by the large window in the conference room and the daylight that streamed through it. To transform the room into a place that was practical but inspiring for the creatives, she knew what she wanted to do: Inject vitality to energize team members. Many design elements were born from this thinking – such as the DIY gilded table base, starburst rug, toucan-printed dog bed (for the pups in the office) and succulent-printed wallpaper. The main attractions of the room also include more DIY accents that are worth trying in your space as well:





-Hanging Terrariums-

Vertical nursery planters now welcome meeting attendees to the new conference room. A dozen beaded and tasseled strands stream down one glass wall and anchor clear bowls full of soil and succulents “Every space with light needs greenery. It adds life.” However, it also had to have an ease about it. “We used succulents because no one here should have to be the plant waterer.”

1.Find a clear glass container and fill with 1” rocks and 1” soil.

2.Make a hole in the soil and use a spoon to nestle the plant in it.

3.Add pebbles on top.



-Frame Collage-

It’s impossible to underestimate the power of the human element in a room. Now a grid of eighteen framed photos featuring past Spotlight Series stars watch over meetings. “Sometimes when we’re working we forget that there are people behind all the stuff we’re doing. Seeing images of those people is a nice reminder that in your small way, you contribute to their lives.”

1.Use watercolor to paint unstained wooden frames.

2.Cut pieces of gold gilding and append to frame in a scattered pattern.

3.Measure each frame and mark the spacing on the wall with a pencil.



-Zen Bar-

We all need space to develop our best ideas. The adult coloring book, candle and relaxing additions to the conference room allow team members to relieve any stress and take a step back to take a step forward. “Creatives always work in uninspiring places. They are always the cobbler’s children.”

1.Find a bar cart at a thrift store or online.

2.Keep the palette of the accessories, vases, containers simple and white.

3.Add relaxing items that are easily accessible.


With a tight budget, Ati had the team get hands-on and do everything from the beading to the frame gilding. The mix of classic and trendy concepts added texture to the space and most importantly, provides a hip background for video conferences – and a photo shoot of our new design icon.



Who Are Your Style Icons?
“Betsey Johnson because she has no apologies. And Victoria Beckham because she does that crisp, modern, defined look so beautifully.”

How Do You Approach Beauty?“I own an insane amount of makeup. I even have a makeup station but I only wear makeup twice a month! Mostly, I get excited to experiment with it (new shades/forms).”

Fashion Trend You Want To Try?“Pompoms and tassels. I’ve never met a pompom I didn’t like.”

Heels or Flats?“I’m hardly ever in heels. I’m so glad they’re making cute flats so you can be comfortable on your feet all day.”

How Do You Describe Your Style?“Peace Corp Rococo. It’s a high/low mix, equally inspired by my travels and organic style.