Meredith Shaw & Marilyn Pilkington

On paper, Meredith and Marilyn live in two very different worlds. Daughter Meredith walks in fashion shows and hosts fashion segments on TV, while her mom Marilyn contributes to legal boards and gardens in her newfound retirement. So, while they share a size and can wear each other’s clothes, they don’t often find the opportunity to. On the scene, Meredith finds herself drawn to color and sparkle. In the classroom, her mom Marilyn was known for her tailored suits and silk scarves. This is where the differences between mother and daughter end. Fashion aside, you’ll be surprised how much these two remarkable women are remarkably alike.


Model Meredith Shaw Gets It From Her Mom

Once you meet model/radio host/tv personality/columnist/singer Meredith Shaw and her mom Marilyn Pilkington, it’s easy to see where the younger ginger gets her ambition, looks and commitment to supporting others’ dreams.


On set model Meredith Shaw spurred her mother Marilyn Pilkington on. “I loved Meredith’s vitality during the shoot,” her mom declared, unsurprised but nevertheless impressed with her accomplished daughter.

The retired Law School Dean and constitutional law professor stepped away from her boards, gardens and writing projects for a lighthearted day of playing dress up and posing in Eloquii’s showroom. While she intends to go right back to her passions, her daughter Meredith interjects, “And maybe more modeling! This loving pair brought a shared appreciation for style to the set.

Marilyn shares, "Meredith and I do have very different roles but we both try to look our best. I see her really making the trends work for her, and it’s something to watch.”


Not a newcomer to life on set, Meredith has graced the cover of Canada’s plus-size fashion magazine, Dare, and walked in Toronto’s first-ever plus-size fashion show. So she’s privy to what cuts, colors and styles are trending at any moment.



“I’m excited about bold, super fresh statements right now – ruffles and head-to-toe color, for example,” Meredith shares. This isn’t much of a surprise knowing her favorite accents are sparkles and colors. She smiles as she describes her style as definitely feminine but with edgy accents to keep her look relevant. “Before I was shyer and more conservative with my style. Now I play with shapes and lines and so much more is available for our size.”“Now, I’ve thrown out the rule book. Perfection is a real beast. I had to get over that to get on with it,” Meredith continues with the warm honesty that’s gotten the attention of women everywhere. This includes her thousands of Instagram followers, viewers of her morning TV style segments, readers of her “WeTheCurvy” column, and listeners of her weeknight radio show on iHeartRadio Canada.[/full_width]


“I’m most proud when I’m doing work that inspires others to live boldly and believe who they are is enough. I never thought I could be a part of that cycle of confidence,” says Meredith.


Her mom chimes in, "I try to act in small, subtle ways to support people – in ways that cost little and have real returns. I see Meredith do this, too. She makes time to do that. Meredith is influencing other's happiness..." As she trails off momentarily struck by her daughter’s capacity for giving, Meredith perks her up saying, “Oh, I hear some tears, mom.”

A true shared admiration is apparent in whatever room these two are in.

Meredith praises her mom right back – both her life choices and her style choices. “My mother is exceptional. I don’t know how she had the career she had and was the mom she was. As a kid I somehow never felt unattended to,” she says awestruck. “Plus, she’s one of my style icons. She always looks great and knows how a garment should fit. Fit really is key to style.”


A lifelong devotee to great fit, Marilyn felt at ease on set in architectural classics with a little pizazz. This includes her favorites, such as the navy cotton dress with white eyelets or the color-blocked jersey dress. “I could wear that all day,” she elates. Even things she would never have choose for herself she loved. Case in point: her sleeveless crop top look. Her daughter was equally enthusiastic about discovering new looks for her body. “I wasn’t sure if the sporty white skirt with the bold stripe and top was really me at first. Then I realized that I was being shown another way to dress and push what I think I can wear. I was reminded not to worry about the rules.”

“That’s what I love about this collection. It has stuff you should like even if you don’t know it yet,” Meredith affirms.



Who Are Your Style Icons?Meredith: Stevie Nicks, Brigid Bardot, Adele, Ashley Graham and, of course, my mom. Marilyn: Jackie Kennedy. Her fresh elegance and breath of air. I still admire her today.

What color are you most excited to try in 2017? Both: Yellow!

What was your first ELOQUII purchase?Meredith: A black jumpsuit. I wore it to the next awards show I attended. Marilyn: To be decided. ELOQUII was just introduced to me and its exceeded my expectations.

What advice has stuck with you?Meredith: When you know better, you do better. – Maya Angelou Marilyn: Develop your capacities. Act with integrity. Be selfless in supporting others. Be independent.

What do you remember feeling your best in?Meredith: A vintage caftan in Palm Springs. Marilyn: A suit, scarf and jewelry in front of a big, motivated law class.