Regina Speed-Bost

We all know that the labels “smart girl” and “pretty girl” are not exclusive. This was especially apparent when our team met Regina Speed-Bost, who is both an energy regulatory lawyer and a sight in prismatic ensembles. We visited her at the New York City office of her new global law firm to try on this season’s work and after-work looks that, like our model, are equally brilliant and beautiful.


Regina Speed-Bost Makes Her Move

Always looking for ways to grow, Regina recently brought her legal chops and self-described Classic Diva style to a new law firm. Now she’s embracing that she’s a natural leader, owning where she is in life and doing it all with her signature considered flair.


Energy and electricity – these are the two things that our model’s regulatory-compliance career and Spotlight shoot had in common. Legal partner Regina Speed-Bost’s ability to make her case was the springboard for her recent move to elite global law firm ReedSmith this July. To mark her new chapter and own where she is in life, Regina welcomed us into her new firm and showed us that there’s more than one power suit.

“I’m trying to move away from suits,” says Regina, who grew up dressing more stated and subdued.“The rules are changing and the legal profession has to catch up with that. I describe my personal style now as Classic with a little Diva – classic shapes with a little flair. Divas have a bad reputation but to me divas just have a different style.” After a quiet giggle, she points to the influence of corporate America’s closets, which are more accepting of color, texture, and pattern. These were the details she admired in the Spotlight looks as well.


“ I want to be the best me I was created to be...”



For example, the spellbinding purple bell-sleeved dress. Regina remarked at the styling. “The rhinestone belt brought it out in a way that was tremendous. I could dress it down for the office and put on rhinestone drop earrings to dress it up after. It was me. I felt comfortable instantly,” she says. This authentic feeling is something Regina strives to exude in more than just fashion. “At the end of the day, you want someone to be genuine. Even my clients want the authentic you, the genuine you. There’s a question in the legal community: Do clients hire lawyers or do they hire firms? By and large, the thinking is that clients hire lawyers. They want to say, ‘I know you. I want you to represent me.” So it’s no wonder that Regina views fashion as an investment.

She shares this thinking with her post-collegiate daughter, who also joined her on set. “When we buy clothing it’s an investment, like her education,” says Regina. “You never know when you’re going to have a moment where you feel your best. So, you need to have a wardrobe that you feel 200% comfortable in every time you have it on.”


“I wanted her to really get a sense of seeing mom push herself outside of the comfort zone, too. That’s what you have to do repeatedly in life. That’s what fashion is for. We need to be comfortable with that notion early on in life.” Pushing out of her own comfort zone, Regina tried looks she’d previously abandoned – most notably, jeans. The result was a resounding success. “Those jeans felt like butter. They fit like a glove,” said an amazed Regina.”


She confessed to hoping to wear them to a women’s group at Soteria Christian Center where she ministers. “It’s just a good look,” she underscored. For a contrasting occasion, a glittering gold top and black pleated maxi skirt let her imagination run wild with the award dinners she would make an entrance at. “Oh my goodness, in that look I was the belle of the ball!” she exclaimed.

After a lifetime of being put in one box or another, Regina continues to dispel boxes and labels altogether. She’s a lawyer, a wife, a mother, a Dartmouth undergrad and Georgetown Law graduate, a minister, a community leader, a mentor, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and, now, a model. However, none of these roles singularly defines her. She’s never focused on who she is – she’s focused on who she is meant to be.


Her growth-driven mindset partly comes from her mentor’s no-nonsense advice: “Regina: Don’t be afraid to make a mess.” That’s why she continues to make big moves in her career, community and family lives. “It’s okay if you make a decision and it doesn’t happen or manifest in the way you think it’s supposed to. The key is to learn from it. And always look for the positive out of every situation. Sometimes you think it’s a mess but it’s really not,” she explains.


To no one’s surprise, Regina is constantly striving ahead. “I want to be the best me I was created to be,” she proclaims. As for her success in pushing herself on set, something she hadn’t done before? “When I would look at the shots on the laptop, I was surprised. It looks phenomenal, if I do say so myself"


What was your first ELOQUII purchase?
A basic purple dress with bell sleeves. Now my husband just shakes his head because at this point I own nearly every pencil skirt that you offer, too.

Who are your style icons?
Oprah. I consider her an example of Classic Diva style.

Name moments when you felt your best.
The evening I gave my initial sermon. And the day I delivered an oral argument in a case.

What is some of the best advice you've received?
“A closed hand can neither give nor receive anything.”

What’s your favorite color?
Fuchsia. I’m a fuchsia addict. That’s where the Diva comes in.

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