Brittany Gibbons

The first thing you think when you meet Brittany Gibbons is: Brave. She's got that rare combination of brutal honesty paired with unrelenting empathy. It's why she got noticed for her TEDxBGSU talk, why she just published her second book, why her podcast Girl's Girl is thriving, and - clearly - why she's who we tapped for a swimsuit photo shoot in the middle of December. Like I said: Brave.


Brittany Gibbons Spreads the Love

Love your body. Hate your body even a little bit less. According to author and body pos advocate Brittany Gibbons, that can be a woman's most important journey. Her emotional journey of self-love brought her to a better place - and also into a new career. Read on for how her inspirational career is experiencing skyrocketing growth.


Brittany tells it like it is. After struggling for years, she's been voicing an overdue love letter to her body - and women want to hear more. That's why her Instagram following @brittanyherself has six times as many people than the small town she lives in. It's also why she's getting noticed more and more in the wake of her podcast Girl's Girl ( 30,000 weekly downloads ), her exclusive Curvy Girl's Guide and her second HarperCollins book debut this past December.

Her favorite subjects? Feminism, beauty, body positivity, fashion, relationships, and sex.

In both of her paperbacks, wit and no-nonsense whimsy jump off the pages. Just look at the titles for starters: "The Clothes Make the Girl ( Look Fat )?: Adventures and Agonies in Fashion" ( Dec 2017 ) and "Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin…Every Inch of It" ( Mar 2016 ). Before her book tour takes her to sunny Florida and California this spring, she was game for some swimsuit action at our Spotlight shoot. "I've been in bear-hibernation mode this season. But I was like, 'Yea, well… Yea, let's do it," she says.

After all, her grandma always said, "If it doesn't fit, you can take it off."


“All of my best moods happen in skinny jeans. I feel like a powerful woman”



The fiery author elaborated, "She meant it in relation to clothing but it's also for other parts of your life. It's scary to fail but the best things have come after failing at something for me. You need to get rid of the fear."

Fearlessly, she flew to NYC in a deep freeze and took to center stage.


Brittany brought her signature sultry look and glamorously long torso to high-contrast, color-driven swimwear. "The suits were my favorite. I loved pairing the floral-print with the black one," Brittany shared. Her second favorite was easily the skinny jeans. "All of my best moods happen in skinny jeans. I feel like a powerful woman," she explains, recalling the two washes and perfectly paired tops. "I had anxiety hoping that the jeans would button and they just did. You just can't argue with a good jean."


After missing out on years of expressing herself through fashion, Brittany's making up for lost time. "I'm just having so much fun showing people who I am through clothes now," she says with equal parts relief and exhilaration.

These days, Brittany is free to be herself. We talk post-shoot just after she drops her three kids off at school on a delayed snow day and she describes her day-to-day style as earthy, easygoing and boho. Her evening style, however, is more about vintage cuts and girly looks. "I have a good chameleon mode going on," says Brittany, who is very aware that she's also a role model for her daughter.[


"She looks just like me," shares Brittany. "So I knew I needed to be a better person for her - and then I became one for myself."

Now, this mom is an "accidental advocate" for the body pos movement. She gives talks to high school students, to college sororities, to aspiring authors, and to forward thinkers at events like TEDx, which launched her career in 2011. She reflects, "I really did not see this for myself but it's the proudest, most amazing thing I can do. It never stops being really hard but really amazing at the same time,"



What was your first ELOQUII purchase?
A drop-waist black dress with a cap sleeve that I saw @gabifresh wear on Instagram.

Who are your style icons?
Tracee Ellis Ross of Black-ish & Aidy Bryant of SNL

Beauty approach?
Really, really simple: Lashes and a nude-toned lip gloss.

What look are you loving now?
The old-school bombshell

What trends are you dying to try this spring?
Feminine touches: frills, pearls and pleats.

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