LaTasha Abraham

A career in mental health services is incredibly important – and at times taxing – work. When we met LaTasha Abraham, we were impressed with what a force of light, love, and style she was even after her years helping people during some of their hardest times. So we put the Spotlight on her, her playful style and her determined personality.


LaTasha Abraham Lifts Spirits & Styles

This Georgia-based mental health counselor cares for herself so she can care for her patients. Read on to hear how she fills her tank up with travel and fashion and lends her tender, full-hearted support when the call comes in.


You know that friend or family member who’s always the strong helper? Well, that’s LaTasha. She listens hard, gives without request and reliably shows up when she’s needed. This helping streak makes her entirely suited for her daytime private counseling practice (Pierian Spring Counseling) and nighttime role responding to suicide/homicide/psychosis calls. It also takes a toll. To ensure she’s up for her clients’ emotional needs, LaTasha is serious about finding joy in each day whether that’s enjoying a quiet moment, exploring a new city, hanging with love-minded people, or flaunting a feel-good dress.

“Any helping profession is difficult. Sometimes it can become overwhelming, so it’s important for me to take care of myself,” shares LaTasha. “It’s how I make sure I’m good.”

One way she does this is, as she calls it, “becoming a lady” aka don new threads and look cute. LaTasha explains her newfound passion for fashion, “My mother used to have to beg me to even put on earrings… Now, I don’t just want to be a head turner. I want to be a neck breaker.” Her desire for looking great and feeling great is what underscored this month’s Spotlight shoot.


“My ultimate goal is to spread love and laughter any route that I take and so far, it’s been pretty great.”



“I felt fabulous and I felt hot [on set],” she recalls. “I felt fun and flirty and cute and put together!"

In particular, she felt sexy in the incredibly versatile printed neoprene column skirt paired with a jean jacket and entirely attractive in the white lace-up shirt with ruffles. “That, for sure, was a shirt I’d never have chosen,” our delighted model shared, who can usually be spotted in a sundress to beat the Augusta heat. “I have a habit of throwing on dresses [like the striped wrap dress here] because it’s easy. The day was a styling lesson for me.” She was also happily surprised by the denim on set. “Jeans are a hard one for me. I liked how these fit and cuffed at the bottom. I was a Georgia peach in peach jeans!” said our alumna of The University of Georgia.


She describes this chapter of her life as a discovery phase – a time to experiment with clothes and find which shapes and colors work for her. For inspiration, she looks to the women around her. “I really enjoy people who are showing that they feel good in whatever they choose to put on… They show me you can leave the house looking bomb every single day.” And, she tells them they look good. “I don’t think we do that enough. I would love to see people acknowledge when they like something about another person. That’s just a biggie.”


Now, she’s pushes herself beyond her comfort zone.

First, she shaved the side of her head. Then she started baring her stomach in crop tops. She takes seizing new possibilities seriously. “To me, everything is about growth,” LaTasha explains. “With this mentality, I have seen an entire new level of happiness and freedom in my life. My ultimate goal is to spread love and laughter any route that I take and so far, it’s been pretty great.” That’s why she does one thing every year that scares her. Like how she goes to concerts solo or travels overseas on her own. For 2018, she’ll even be auditioning for full-figure fashion week in Charlotte, NC. After that? A trip to London and Paris. And lookout for her new blog on self love and self care.


Like we said, strong helper.

She wants to be able to reach and help people in new ways. “I’ve realized what I do does inspire other people. If I can reach and help someone in a more freeing format, that’s what I want to do,” declares LaTasha.



Who are your style icons?
Amber Riley and Tracee Ellis Ross and my bffs Jasmine and Trixia and everyday women who show me that there are no limits.

What was your favorite Eloquii purchase?
Blue dress with pineapple print. I wore it for my annual birthday photo shoot.

What’s a moment where you’ve felt your best?
Walking around Rome in a flower-print maxi dress and feeling great and proud that I wasn’t fearful to experience another country by myself. I felt freedom.

What’s the most you’ve traveled in a year?
9 U.S. cities in 2016

What’s your favorite advice?
“Don’t take it to the grave.” –my friend's dad “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”- T.S. Eliot.

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