Austin Fremont

If you’re in the arts scene, you know this month’s Spotlight model Austin Fremont. She produces some of NYC’s most VIP events and has built her business on a track record of exceeding even the most discerning expectations. Austin takes us to the Meatpacking district for our shoot – a place where she feels at home after growing up around the epicenter of art: Warhol’s Factory.


Austin Fremont, Mastering the Art of Events

Austin Fremont relishes the chaos that comes with being a thriving small business owner in NYC. She’s energized by her work planning VIP events, celebrity parties and nonprofit galas and has made a name for herself as a woman who makes an evening come together seamlessly. Hear how this sought-after planner makes sure her wardrobe can keep up with her fully booked calendar.


Austin is a tour de force in the arts and events world. She’s in the midst of the organized chaos that goes with planning and producing a full calendar of spring galas. Between a venue visit at El Museo del Barrio on Museum Mile and a day’s worth of out-and-about appointments, she snags at coffee at Le Pain and spills how she makes it work.

“You have to be a little crazy to do events,” she says with utter assurance.

Looking at just her April line-up, she lists off events her company, Fremont Blue Events, has on its roster. This includes orchestrating evenings for prominent NYC cultural institutions (such as El Museo del Barrio’s Gala and The Center’s Center Dinner) and arts landmarks (from the New Museum Spring Gala and the UrbanGlass Gala & Auction). Needless to say, Austin runs uptown, downtown and crosstown daily.


“There is no average day in events. I’m rarely in the office – always at tastings, picking up artwork, checking out locations,” she says. This creates a fashion challenge. “I have to go from day to night in zero flat – and I can’t drag a wardrobe bag all around the city.”

Her solution? “Black and spandex,” she tells the Spotlight team with a smile.

Translation: It’s all about comfort. Knowing this, our team of stylists chose pieces that feel good and go anywhere. The twist? A few cool hues.


“It wasn’t black and trusty,” recalls Austin of the on-set racks. To her own surprise, she gravitated toward some soft blues and clean whites. First, an off-the-shoulder wrap shirt that was both practical and sexy. (While she can’t remember the last time she bared her shoulders, she now can’t wait to try the trend for spring.) Then, an Oxford dress with pearl buttons. Its lightweight, casual material mixed with a more formal button-down style that offered the versatility she was looking for as her days require moments of dress it up (client meetings) and dress it down (disappearing on the step-and-repeat). The same was true for the Oxford dress in white with a black sash. Yet the one beloved style that came as no surprise was a perfect-fit black pant. “Shocking,” she laughs.

Austin posed with ease, feeling comfortable having the backdrop of her favorite west-side gallery, Fort Gansevoort (featuring work by artist Laurel Shear).


After all, Austin grew up in the thick of the NYC art world—Andy Warhol is her godfather. “His influence and impact on my family and the world has lived on. We were constantly surrounded by incredible contemporary artists – learning from their creativity and how people see the world in different ways,” she says.

When this art-inspired and down-to-the-details entrepreneur isn’t choreographing the grandest of occasions, she’s looking forward to some time in the Hamptons this summer. “That is a hustle I have never known. Thank goodness I didn’t think this through. I admire every business owner because the pressure is real and equally satisfying,” she shares.



What was your first ELOQUII purchase?
An ELOQUII form-fitting cape dress. Black, clearly.

Who are your style icons?
My sister (Casey). Models Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine.

What’s your beauty approach?
A red lip. It looks like you put a little effort in no matter what.

What look are you loving now?
Jumpsuits! I wore a black velvet ELOQUII jumpsuit to the Art Production Fund Gala that my sister is a part of. I’m always standing next to girls dressed in high-end labels and I felt amazing in it.

What trends are you dying to try this spring?
Off-the-shoulder looks. Thanks to the styling team at ELOQUII.

Inspired to curate a museum-worthy look of your own? Shop Austin’s favorites below and be sure to check out all our new arrivals for your spring wardrobe![/full_width]