Brittany Spanos

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will soon. Brittany’s explosive career just spiked with her two new Rolling Stone cover stories out on newsstands. We caught up with this talented writer and dressed her so she’s ready for the next chapter of her skyrocketing career.


Brittany Spanos Scores the Cover

When she’s not interviewing chart-topping R&B superstars, music journalist Brittany Spanos reminds herself to embrace the freewheeling fun of her mid-20s. It’s a balance of concerts for work and summer sharehouses for fun. Plus, the cool-girl, go-anywhere fashions that tie it all together.


Musicians dream of being on the cover of Rolling Stone and music journalists dream of scoring that assignment. Brittany Spanos recently checked this lifelong dream off her list – twice. She feels grateful to have penned cover stories – “The Year of Cardi B” and “Janelle Monáe Frees Herself” – for the famed magazine’s October and April issues.


“Cardi B was great,” she recalls. “And I’m thankful Janelle opened up and trusted me to tell the story. It feels really good,” says the woman behind the byline.

“It’s great that they gave me the opportunity to report on that. The fact that I’m 25 and doing this – I feel lucky. I worked really hard and I’m happy. There’s still so much more that I would love to be able to do.” This insatiable ambition and enthusiastic determination also explain her eagerness to take on assignments in all forms.


Spanos is known to juggle feature profiles, album reviews, news, critical essays and research projects in her role at the magazine. “It’s the nature of things in NYC. And things pop up all the time. This is a job that forces me to engage with culture and live events,” she shares, mentioning the Camila Cabello tour coming through town soon. Knowing that there’s no consistent time to clock out each day, Brittany fills her closet with looks that are extremely functional day-to-night.

"I don't own anything that's just for work," she explains. Spanos’ clothes need to be comfortable to attend a concert, go on a date or interview an artist. “My schedule is so erratic. I need to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing,” she says."



“I generally like to change it up. I’m pretty open to trying different styles”



“Now, I’ve gotten into a habit. I just wear dresses and jumpsuits,” Spanos elaborates. “I’ve just started trying to change up my look and wear more pants with bodysuits and tank tops.” After her Spotlight shoot, she’s got a lot more options. The styling team set her up with equal number dresses and pants. She can see herself wearing the casual pant looks to her laidback office. Or the maxi dresses – especially the polka dot style – on a weekend trip with friends that she’s looking forward to after working so hard.

Cue her group’s Boston getaway in May, Fire Island house in July and, hopefully, somewhere upstate later in the year. She’s packing lots of color and patterns for these trips. “I generally like to change it up. I’m pretty open to trying different styles,” she says, admitting to finding her own sense of fashion only after she moved to NYC for college.


During Spanos’ early years living in Illinois, fashion was structured.

She wore a suit to speech team competitions, a uniform to private Catholic school and the required crewneck shirts on dress-down days. Luckily, she already had a collection of band tees, even then, that fit the bill. Now, she’s supplemented her closet with expressive looks that tell her own story whether she’s at an album-listening party, lunch with a label or a recording industry event.




What was your first ELOQUII purchase?
Definitely either a dress or a jumpsuit. Initially, I remember seeing Aidy Bryant wear a rose-embroidered ELOQUII dress to the Emmys. Now I love the brand.

Who are your style icons?
Stevie Nicks, Gabi Fresh and my friends. I’m inspired by Stevie’s bell sleeves and 70s style. Gabi Fresh is a favorite, too. I’m obsessed. And I love my friends’ styles. I find them to be so experimental like me. We draw inspiration from each other, especially when I shop with them. The people in my life are big fashion muses for me.

Name a look you've felt your best in.
A black, V-neck jumpsuit. It had a tuxedo lapel and I wore it to a birthday dinner in Brooklyn. Jumpsuits are great for me for events.

What's the best advice you've received?
My mom always says, “Never settle. For anything.” She would always repeat that to me. You can work 100% harder. I know my worth and my capabilities.

What trends are you dying to try this spring?
Metallic. I’m looking into metallic shoes. I love golds, silvers and metallic pinks.

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