Emily Zirimis

When I met Emily, I knew she was a force of fashion. She had the get-up-an-go to save up and move to the city two years ago and now she’s garnering attention for her chic sensibilities. Nothing could’ve filled me with more gratitude than when I heard being on the Spotlight set was one of two moments in her life where she’s felt her best. Read on to hear how the day went from head to heel.


Emily Zirimis Designs Her Fashionable Life

This Brooklyn-based creative professional is living her New York dream and mending her broken fashion heart. After fashion excluded her with inhibitive sizing early on, she’s opening back up to it in order to figure out how she can best express her truest, most colorful, most charismatic self.


Emily has an eye for everything – art, fashion, interiors. Her good taste has set her up for success both personally and professionally. It’s the reason why she was promoted to Visual Manager at Man Repeller, the freethinking fashion and lifestyle site with 2 million Instagram followers. It’s why the apartment she rents with her boyfriend was featured on Apartment Therapy, a buzzed-about home design and décor site. It’s what drives her to create when she’s not creating. (You can find her learning film photography in Maine this summer.) And it’s why she always looks fearlessly fashionable.


Emily Zirimis for Man Repeller. Photographer: Louisinana Mei Gelpi

“Fashion obviously fits into my life by way of my job, but it is also woven into my core ethos as a creative person. As a designer, there’s a tie to fashion whether it’s as inspiration or what you wear. It’s very much a part of who I am deep down,” she says.

On a usual day, Emily can often be seen in jeans, Birkenstocks and flowy tops. It’s easiest in the studio or on location when she’s art directing shoots, moving around props, and styling models and still lifes. “I tend to go for pants but more recently toward dresses,” she explains. The ELOQUII team served up a range of styles but her favorites were, as expected, the dresses.


She could see herself wearing three of her favorite styles to a few of the places she would visit on her imaginary perfect day. First, sleeping in. Not in a dress but we can’t skip the bliss of extra bed time. Then, off to “a brunch situation involving a Bloody Mary with too many garnishes,” which is something she’d likely wear the blue, embroidered shirt dress. “It felt lightweight and beachy,” Emily explains. (She loved it so much the team actually sent her home with it. She wore it to dinner at a diner and then to see Oceans 8.) Back to her imaginary perfect day. After brunch, shopping and a stroll to an art gallery. This is a spot she named as well suited for the linen wrap dress. “It just felt like me with the yellow heels,” she says. The finale includes a taco dinner, movie and ice cream on the beach.


When it comes to a style point of view, Emily admits hers is part beachy, part classic, part crazy accessory, and generally a work in progress. Some days, it's wide-leg jeans and chic accessories for the office. Some days, it's pajamas for editing at home. Most days, however, comfort is key.


Emily Zirimis for Man Repeller. Photographer: Veronica Sequeira for Framebridge (L); Louisinana Mei Gelpi (R)

[full_width padding="15px 0px 10px 10px"]Looking forward, she’s optimistic about her fashion journey. “I want to carve out what my style is and open my heart up to fashion again,” says the 26 year old who liked dressing dolls at a young age but was disheartened early on by the lack of fashions for her size. Instead, she channeled her creativity into graphic design, painting and collaging – all things she hopes to continue expanding for herself in the future. “I hope to express myself through clothing as much as I express myself through my art career,” she declares.



What was your first ELOQUII purchase?
Cropped jeans with a fringed hem. I remember raw-edged jeans were in every fashion editorial but not in the realm of plus-size clothing. I googled them and found Eloquii! My second item was a pair of black slides – again another moment where a trendy item (the mule slide shoe) was nowhere to be found for wide feet.

[Who are your style icons?
I take it all in – every aesthetic. Aidy Bryant of SNL is cool. Christene Barberich of Refinery29 is eclectic. Jenna Lyons is classic. Jasmine Dowling from Australia is minimalist. Leandra Medine is unexpected. She’s fun and colorful and gets the best way to dress is not what flatters you but what you feel good in.

Name a look you’ve felt your best in.
Black cropped jeans with a graphic tee, checked blazer and sneakers. It was for our Apartment Therapy feature and it was nice to be recognized for something I’m proud of.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?
“Nothing worth having comes easy.” In the thick of something stressful, it can be too easy to throw the towel in.

What trends are you dying to try this spring?
The milkmaid look. It’s all about a great flowy, linen nightgown with a puffy sleeve when it’s hot in summer.

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