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Danielle M. Brown & Michelle James

Two best friends are putting their decades of marketing and media experience toward a fresh aim: empower women and save lives. This is the mission behind their wellness brand Cocktails & Cancer, a podcast and platform for cancer patients, survivors and communities. Whether they’re traveling separately for work or behind the mic together, they’re taking on this building phase together and in style.

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Waikinya Clanton

D.C. based Senior Political Advisor Waikinya Clanton say it’s all about what you say and how you say it. She uses the same approach when it comes to styling - which explains why she sports a flourish whether she’s shaking hands with elected officials or going out after a long conference day.

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Adrienne Nyamsi

One classically trained vocalist turns her voice to public education advocacy. After graduating with degrees in political science and performing arts, Adrienne Nyamsi has been passionate about using her big voice for social justice work. Now she gets the message out - about access to education and better equity in education policy - through her words and her looks.

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